About me :

I am graduated student in both Bachelor of Science(B.Sc) and Master of Science(M.Sc) in Polymer Engineering (polymer industries) from Islamic Azad University of Shiraz and Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), respectively,and currently I am PhD candidate.



Educations :

  BSc of Polymer Engineering  - Islamic Azad University of  Shiraz (10/2004-3/2009)

  MSc of Polymer Engineering - Isfahan University of Technology (10/2009 - 11/2011 )

  Currently : PhD Candidate 


Research Interests :

Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) ,Fuzzy Infrence

System(FIS),Genetic Algorithm (GA)) in Polymer Engineering.

Medical and therapeutical Application of Polymers.

Drug Delivery Systems (DDSs).